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[ design & comunicazione ]

A new 'thing' landen on Earth from a parallel universe: we named it Invasione creativa. In the chaotic world of comunication Invasione creativa is simply a new reality; its  nerd-approach and the continuosly adapting DNA, makes Invasione creativa deeply different from every other human advertising company.


A network of experts who share the same way of thinking. Invasione creativa cleary wants to reach everyone trying to spread its young ,fresh and exiting concept to give a new birth to the vanishing advertising. That we experience every day.

Quick and easy advertising dynamic and modern. Exactly what you need for yours commercials, press conferences and anything else you can possibly think of. A rock solid choice to make your communication effective. Easy to ride.

From the tip to the top...

we take care of every aspect:

logo, brand identity, packaging.

Our style is neat and accurate

to make sure we can guarantee

an up-to date product.

Web design, viral content

for you social network, new view

on the web and cutting edges strategies to share with everyone.

Photo-retouch,layout management, cover and e-booking develop.

The best partner, for the best product. From the paper to web.



Via Gramsci, 287

Sesto Fiorentino

t. +39 328 2957190



Via Vittor Pisani, 8

t. +39 328 7439414



t. 090 9314 6615